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rotork valve Actuators

rotork valve Actuators

We privide valve actuators in many kinds of types.The most common one is Valve electric actuators.Valve electric actuators are mainly used in power plants or nuclear power plants, because the high-pressure water system requires a smooth, stable and slow process. Cost of the main advantages of the electric actuator is a high degree of stability and user applications constant thrust, the thrust generated by the maximum actuator can be as high as 225000kgf, to achieve such a big thrust the only hydraulic actuators, hydraulic actuator than electric much higher. Anti-deviation of the electric actuator capacity is good, and the output of the thrust or torque is substantially constant, can be well overcome the unbalanced force of the medium, to achieve accurate control of process parameters, so the control accuracy than the pneumatic actuator high. Equipped with a servo amplifier, can easily achieve positive and negative role reversal, you can easily set off signal valve position status (hold / Full On / Off), and failure, must stay in place, which is pneumatic actuators made less than a pneumatic actuator must be by means of a combination of protection system to achieve security bit.

Our company can provid Rotork valve actuators products such as CML Linear Electric Control Valve Actuator,CMQ Quarter-turn Electric Control Valve Actuator,CML Linear Electric Control Valve Actuator
MR Rotary Electric Control Valve Actuator
CVL Linear Electric Control Valve Actuator
CVQ Quarter-turn Electric Control Valve Actuator
GPSA Electric Control Valve Actuator
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