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JM automation actuator

JM automation actuator

Design Features:
1.Compacted double-piston gear and rack structure to effect accrate engagement,smooth driving and stable output torque.
2.Cylinder body is made of extruded aluminumalloy and proeessed with hard anodizing treatment to producesolid surface texture and outstanding wearing resistance.
3.For the same specifications,there can be double-acting and single-acting(spring return)types.
4.The moving parts of piston and output shaft are all fitted with wear-resistant supports to avoid direct metal-to-metal contact and to reduce abrasion and friction.
5.Installatin and connection dimensions are designed to the international standards of ISO5211,DIN3337 and VDI/VDE3845,and are interchangeable with cinventional pneumatic actuators.
6.Cylinder body,end cover,output shaft,spring,fastening pieces,etc. are all processed with anti-corrosive treatment.
7.The installation connecting hole of output shaft can be different shape(square,flat or shaft chain)for options.
8.Provided with normal,high and low temperature types.
9.For single-acting type,installation is made after spring compression to feature easy installation and disassembly and outstanding security.
10.Exquisite appearance,light weight and water resistance.

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